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Join us in calling for peace, reconciliation, and the advancement of conservation, the public interest and direct dialogue between the Government of Canada, Indigenous Peoples and fishing organizations for a healthy and sustainable fishery.

I recognize and support the rights of Indigenous peoples, parties to the Treaties of 1760-61, to fish both for food, social and ceremonial purposes and in a commercial fishery as set out in the Supreme Court case of R. v Marshall in 1999.

I believe that science, conservation principles, and the public interest should drive decisions on the fisheries. I believe that the Government of Canada has both the right and the obligation under the Marshall decision to manage the fisheries, with conservation of the resource, equality and fairness as “the paramount regulatory objective, for both indigenous and non-indigenous fisheries.”

I support the Government of Canada, Indigenous Peoples and fishing organizations having discussions and working directly together to manage sustainable and healthy fisheries in a spirit of reconciliation.

I condemn the use of violence in any form as a means of dealing with conflicts.

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The Buffalo Tribune


The Buffalo Tribune brings you an exclusive story straight out of Nova Scotia. This is the other side of the story. The Head of the Local 9- Fisherman’s Union tells all. The MSM and politicians like to paint the situation in Nova Scotia as a hate crime. When it’s far more complicated than that…